Social Hubs

The ShareSpring platform allows businesses and brands to connect their social networks with their websites to aggregate, curate and display social hubs on their site. This social media aggregation technology works with social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to display a social media live stream on your website.

UGC makes generating excellent content easy. Millennials are especially influenced by user generated content websites with 84% reporting that user generated content on company websites has at least some influence on what they purchase. Companies like Pinterest, Facebook, Amazon, Reddit and Medium have been utilizing user generated content on their websites for years.

UGC has become the keystone of many integrated content marketing strategies. In the era of big data and eCommerce, owning your online audience has become paramount. There are many ways to increase website traffic with user generated content. And using user generated content is a big winner with millennials and Generation Y.

Cafe Social Hub

Brands are constantly trying to create new and engaging content to share with their followers and customers on social media. Websites that leverage UGC photos and videos and harness the power of user-generated content create consumer trust and build engagement. Visual UGC websites have experienced explosive growth simply because they enhance the consumer marketing experience.

Photos posted on social media can be used on the website, and the exponential growth of social sharing has presented marketers with an unprecedented opportunity.

Social Media Walls

What are the benefits of having a social stream on your website?

  1. Keep up with consumers shorter attention spans. More shoppers are connected and dependent on social media.
  2. Online authority. UGC adds originality and authenticity to your brand.
  3. Free content. Consumer generated content provides you with a regular stream of new, fresh content for your website with little effort. And this can have a tremendous impact on boosting your website traffic.
  4. Build trust and authenticity around your brand. People trust user-generated content more; users look for recommendations from strangers to influence purchasing decisions.
  5. Using UGC on your website can result in higher engagement and higher clickthrough rates.
  6. Consumer loyalty. Millennials trust people over brands.
  7. Strengthen your community. User-generated content helps connect people through similar experiences. Utilizing social media walls builds greater user engagement and ultimately a large audience.
  8. Google also loves organic content. The websites with the most natural, authentic content will come out on top.
  9. Learn about your customers. Utilizing online content from users lets consumers know you are listening. Everyone likes to be heard. And your customers will reward you with brand advocacy and sales.
  10. Keyword opportunities. People who are active on social media are coming up with emerging and trending longtail keywords that you may not be aware of.
Birthday Party Social Media

Social Feed

How do you increase website traffic with live social media feeds?

  • Encourage Participation
  • Use Social Media
  • Keep Content Fresh & Relevant
  • Interact with Customers
  • Utilize User Generated Content Marketing Tool
  • Social Shopping

User-generated content is an important tool to create diverse, organic and valuable web content. A customizable social feed plugin makes coming up with excellent content fast and easy. If your community is active on social media, why not let your social media and website content work in tandem?