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ShareSpring helps your marketing by crafting social content into an authentic brand story.

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ShareSpring Example

ShareSpring for Websites

You want people to see your social media. ShareSpring is the tool to discover great posts from other users and mix it in with your own content in a gallery of your brand's best social media.

Stunning themes

Choose from beautiful templates and customize the look to match your brand.

ShareSpring Example

Add your own promotions or sponsored content

Mix your promos into the content feed for an authentic discovery of the content you want visitors to see.

ShareSpring Example
ShareSpring Example

Auto moderation

Save time by choosing to auto-publish the best content and block spam. Custom filters and manual approval puts you in control.

Flexible to fit into your page layout

ShareSpring fits into any container. Embed a full page layout or just a sidebar or a single row of posts.

ShareSpring Example

Powerful content aggregation

Fetch content from your social media, hashtags, fan posts, videos, geolocations, and RSS. Also upload content directly into ShareSpring.

ShareSpring Example

Install with one copy & paste

You can easily embed your social feed into any web page without involving the IT team. We give you the simple instructions to copy and paste our one line of code into your site.

ShareSpring Example
ShareSpring Example

Increase your likes and follows

Visitors can follow & like right from your website. Don't send them away from your site to find your social media.

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